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Frequently Asked Questions
How many callers can call before someone gets a Busy Signal?
Your New Hot Line will never have a busy signal.
What is the limit to the number of calls received before additional charges apply?
Our Service includes UNLIMITED Incoming Calls, for a flat yearly rate.
Who updates the Hot Line Message?
Someone in Your Organization will use a PIN number to update your Hot Line Message.
What is the limit to the number of updates allowed?
Our Service includes UNLIMITED Message Updates.
We already have a Hot Line, can we switch to your service and keep our same phone number?
Yes, in most cases we can transfer your current Hot Line Number to our system.
What are the terms of the contract?
There is no contract or termination fees associated with our service.
How do we add your service to our existing phone system?
Our service is not an 'add on' feature to your existing service, it completely replaces it.
What will be the ongoing charges from my current phone provider?
What is the time frame for setting up our New Hot Line Service?
Typically we can have your set up complete in 7-10 business days from receipt of payment.
Do you accept Credit / Debit Cards?
What will be the estimated annual renewal fees after the first year?
$199.00 (no additional or hidden fees of any kind)
There is no additional charge for designing and launching your apps.
What is the Automatic Website Updater?
It is a totally self contained, voice activated button that is posted on Your Website.
Can our New Hot Line receive fax?
Can our New Hot Line call out or to receive calls?
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